Is it easier to get the hang of poker by playing online first?

Playing games is fun and something that can help stave off boredom. For many people around the world, trying out online casino games is how they now like to spend their spare time. When it comes to online gaming, poker is one casino classic that lots of people turn to.

There are many great reasons to play online poker and this has seen it really flourish over time. This now sees casino platforms such as Resorts Casino carry online poker for players. If you are looking for the best NJ online casino, Resorts is a top pick due to the poker variants it carries and other factors such as a huge choice of slots and live dealer games.

One question that many ask is, can trying out poker online first help you get the hang of it? The simple answer is yes. Many people can find it easier to play poker online first when starting out. But why is this?

Less pressure from other people or your environment

Recent figures show that online poker revenue tripled in 2020, and this shows how many people like to play it currently. Online play is also very handy when first learning the game. This is because it allows you to focus on the game itself, with no other distractions. Sadly, this is not always true for playing land-based poker. In real-life casinos, you will have other players, passing crowds, and the pressure of actually being in a casino to throw you off. Online poker, on the other hand, sees you playing in the comfort of your own home and with no-one else physically present.

Chance to play against weaker players

When you are learning to play poker, you want to walk before you can run. This means playing at a lower level until you understand how it works. Although there are some great online poker players, the majority are still not that special. This is especially true if you start out playing at tables that are freeroll or have a lowbuy-in. Trust us, top pros such as Daniel Negreanu will not be hanging out at $1 tables online!

More hands and more experience

As you start out on your poker journey, you need to play as much as you can to improve. Learning poker is really about playing lots of hands to get the basics down. Online poker helps here as you will usually play more hands per hour than offline. This is especially true if you stay away from live dealer games to begin with and eliminate human dealers from the equation.

Wanting to learn poker? Online is best

If you are thinking of the best ways to pick up poker easily, then learning online is a great tip. As the above shows, there are some really good reasons to think about doing this. You can then add offline play into the mix when you have the experience and confidence to do so.


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