How to Spot and Prevent Online Gambling Fraudsters

Perhaps one of the most essential process of any type of online business, be it online gambling business enterprise such as that of the SBOBET or online trading business such as that of FOREX trading, is to follow a good KYC ( Know Your Customer ) practice.

This basically involves a number of procedures including the very basics during the user registration. In this guide you will most certainly be able to get a good insight of the manner in which you are very much able to spot and also prevent online gambling fraudsters.

The reason as to why it is very essential for you to know how to spot and prevent online gambling fraudsters is due to the fact that as an online gambling platform operator you are basically the main target of this fraudulent activity and by comprehending how to spot and prevent them you will ensure a smooth operation and also ensure that your customers have full trust in your company.

Also, as a gambler or player it is important for you to get to know this things as you will be able to avoid some of this fraudsters who disguise themselves as online gambling agents with the malicious intent of stealing away your money.

Below are some of the mannerisms in which you can use so as to spot and prevent online gambling fraudsters:

  • Implementing an ID verification process depending on the local legislation by the government entity
  • As an online gambling operator you can also put an age verification procedure, which as a matter of fact is a legal requirement that is usually taken to consideration as a must.
  • Another way that you are very much capable of using so as to spot and prevent online gambling fraudster as on online gambling site operator is to put a PEP check ( Politically Exposed Person ). This is basically a title that typically relating to persons with a public personality that is prominent such as ambassadors, head of state, high ranking military officers, and many more others

During signup, as an online gambling operator, you are still very much capable of still continuing to monitor data with the use of methods such as that of:

1 )Device fingerprinting:. This is typically finding information about the device that is being used as some of them will immediately point to suspicious usage.

2 ) Email analysis –This is practically linking email accounts to the social  media accounts which will also have been linked to the online gambling sites. This is done for the purpose of making it easy to track the accounts that are considered to be fake.

3 ) IP analysis –Similar to the other method mentioned above in this article; that is the method of device finger printing, This method of IP analysis is very much capable of revealing a lot about the a persons, location, internet usage, and even more importantly potential for fraudulent activity. This is all possible due to the fact that this IP analysis consist the use of an IP address.