The Advantages of Live Roulette over Normal Online Roulette

These days, it seems as though the general opinion regarding roulette is that melding the convenience of online roulette with the physical presence of live roulette is the way to go. Up until recently that was a pipe dream, but now many online casinos have introduced live roulette online, a great new look for the game of online roulette.

Online roulette with a live dealer and wheel

If you think about online roulette from the point of view of an online casino site, you’re thinking of a random number generator that creates the illusion of a wheel spinning in cyberspace. Rather than use this method, live roulette online will actually put a webcam on a real dealer and a real wheel, allowing players to make their online wagers on the same virtual table but actually get the chance to see a real live spin as it is taking place.

Use your physical strategies

Many people that are thinking about the concept of live roulette online have trouble coming up with reasons as to why this roulette wheel would actually make a difference in the outcome of the game. Well, the main reason that live roulette online is superior to normal roulette online has to do with the idea of physical strategies.

The vast majority of strategies that we use to beat the game of roulette (or at least to try beating it) revolve around ideas that were developed at brick and mortar casinos. Unless a strategy specifically states that it is attempting to defeat the random number generator in the online game, you can be reasonably sure that the people coming up with the strategy were looking at a physical wheel in a brick and mortar casino.

This is especially true for strategies attempting to “predict” where the ball will land, something that only takes place with live roulette. Live roulette has a randomness that depends on the wheel, the ball and the dealer. None of these elements are present in online roulette in its normal random number generator and that in turn means that a lot of strategies don’t work as well online.

Now, this problem is definitely gone because of the reintroduction of a live roulette wheel. That is one reason why so many people are flocking to live roulette online.

Cheating is a problem of the past

Another reason that live roulette online has really caught on has to do with the suspicion of cheating. This is actually related to the previous point insofar as the advantages of live roulette allow for transparency with the wheel and the dealer both in plain sight during each spin of the wheel. Now that players can actually see how the numbers are being generated physically in front of them, it is much harder to accuse the online casino site of cheating or manipulating their random number generator. Therefore, the conclusion reached by both the players and the casinos in most cases is that live roulette online has really changed the game in a very positive way.